Art Installations and Event Decorations


Jotho makes art installations and decorations, temporary or permanent, out of stretch fabrics and geodesic structures. These structures are very strong for their light-weight. The fabrics they use are elastic and can be pulled into many dynamic shapes with nice curves.


The project was found in 2005 in Ghent, Belgium. It consists out of 2 members named Jozefien Van Poucke and Thomas Gevaert. Nowadays living in the French Alps, between Chambéry (France) and Torino (Italy)


From 2009 Jotho created installations for several bigger events, festivals, art expositions, store windows in Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, Hungary, France, Spain, ... for International Art Expo,

Venice Art House, Palazzo Flangini, Burning Mountain, Dacru Recs, Artrance, Boom!, Nova's Incident, Visions of Paradise, TM Amsterdam, ...


Their first dome installation 'Changes' was presented in Venice in 2016 and was much appreciated by the visitors.


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